More Frequent Updates

We've been using this blog less and our facebook group more often, for random updates and events. So, if you wanna know what we're doing right now, go here.


Prisoner Writings:

Sean Swain's website

Zines, maps and other useful materials we've created:

Ohio Prison System Map- some basic information about the prisons in Ohio.

CONSPIRATORS- a list of some instances where the government has tried (often successfully) to gain convictions, disrupt organizations, and persecute people through the use of conspiracy charges and other dirty tricks. Two versions: zine and wall poster. This document will be updated every few months.

SECURITY CULTURE: An Interactive Sock Puppet Farce- a short puppet show we created for our security culture workshop.

Grand Jury Basics- An introduction to resisting grand jury indictments.

List of Political Prisoners (thanks to Denver ABC)