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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sean Swain v ManCI Administrators, Round ???

Excerpt from recent letter by Sean Swain:

"Good news: Jesse Williams, North Regional Director of the ODRC, who authorized the illegal monitoring of my mail, has been fired. Warden Terry Tibbals was relieved as ManCI Warden yesterday (the guy who requested the illegal monitoring).
News break: in post escape investigation, it was found that $130,000 is missing from the ManCI budget. The OSHP sought maintenance supervisor Jim Miracle for questioning. At his house they found the trailer for a missing gator (golfcart vehicle) from ManCI. Miracle is M.I.A.
A few days later, Major Ralph Harr was arrested, scapegoated by Warden Tibbals. To save his own ass, Harr turned over on Tibbals. I'm certain that Harr will be an awesome witness when this goes to trial.
Lt Dahlby is gone from R.I.B. Re- assigned.
See that in the rearview mirror? That's a pile of corpses, the careers of fascists.
We did that."

More about Sean Swain...

Monday, August 26, 2013

* Two Nights, Two Events, Both Examining the Role of
Police & Prison in America

Join Insurgent Theatre for one night of theatre and another for film.

Insurgent Theatre's newest play examines the role of police using stripped down interactive
 theater, critical understanding of history and the power of silent refusal.

Know your history, 
Know your rights, 
Know your enemy.
Where: The Garden Theatre, 1187 N High St
When: Wed, August 28th, 7pm, $8

* * *
This new documentary revisits the 1993 prisoner uprising that took place right here in Ohio-- one of the longest uprisings in US history.
 Want to know what the deal is with mass incarceration? 
Or what happens on Death Row.
Well, we'll be discussing it here.
Where: Sporeprint Infoshop, 979 E 5th Ave.
When: Aug 29th // 7pm // Sliding Scale Donation
Web Trailer:
+ People will also have a chance to hear death-sentenced survivors of the uprising call in from Ohio's super-max prison to answer questions.
* * *
 Hope to see you there!

Prisoner Art Show in Columbus !!
Join us in celebrating the creativity of Ohio prisoners at the lovely It-Looks-Like-It's-Open gallery on September 20th
+ Art is up for bids in a silent auction.
+ Looking is free and prints are cheap! 
+ There will be music!
+ You'll have a chance to hear from an artist over the phone!
+ Come take a look and enjoy some food, water, wine, coffee and good company.

Date: Friday, September 20th
Venue: It Looks Like It's Open
Address: 13 E Tulane
Time: 6pm-10pm
Cost: $5 sliding scale donation

We are a group of people in Columbus Ohio who want to see the prison system come to an end. RedBird supports prisoners through publishing their writing, setting up pen pals, hosting events and raising awareness. Our activities are guided by correspondence with incarcerated people because prison abolition ought to begin with the needs of those most directly affected by the system.
Visit our website at // Got questions? Call Wes at 513.687.4747

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Billy Slagle's Death

Posted by Ben Turk-

On August 5th, death-sentenced prisoner Billy Slagle was found dead in his cell. I met one of his lawyers, Vicki Werneke, because she is also representing George Skatzes from the Lucasville Uprising. She wrote this piece about representing Billy.

Two things go through my head after reading it. First, how many different ways the State of Ohio is an uncaring, stupid and clumsly beast. Second, how little of the story the mainstream media deem worthy of telling. How anyone can still believe in either of these corrupt and terrible institutions boggles my mind and turns my stomach.