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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lucasville Uprising Hunger Strike

UPDATE: We'll be leaving from Columbus to attend this demonstration at about 9:15 on Saturday Jan 15th. Contact us by commenting here or emailing if you'd like to come with or carpool. The demo starts at 12:45. See below for details. 

Here's an online petition you can sign right now! Here's a facebook page you can join to get more updates. See below for other ways to support the Lucasville 4. 

Dear family members, friends and supporters of the Lucasville uprising prisoners,

Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar), Jason Robb and Namir Mateen (James Were) will start a hunger strike on Monday Jan. 3 to protest their 23-hour a day lock down for nearly 18 years. These four death-sentenced prisoners have been single-celled (in solitary) in conditions of confinement significantly more severe than the conditions experienced by the approximately 125 other death-sentenced prisoners at the supermax prison, Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown. They are completely isolated from any direct human contact, even during “recreation”. They are restricted from certain kinds of good ordering including gold weather items for the almost unbearably cold condtions in the cells. They are denied access to computer databases they need in order to prepare their appeals. It has been made clear to them that the outcome of their annual “security level reviews” is pretermined, as one reads, “…regardless of your behavior while confined at OSP.”

Monday, December 20, 2010

Third Solidarity Showcase Done!

We ended up raising $250 for the Mount Hope Infinity! More than I ever expected.

Thank you, thank you to those who donated.

With Insurgent Theatre now matching funds, that makes the total amount $500!

Holy fuck, $500!