More Frequent Updates

We've been using this blog less and our facebook group more often, for random updates and events. So, if you wanna know what we're doing right now, go here.


1. Workshops- Every other month we prepare a workshop on something relating to legal support, prison abolition or state repression. So far we've done workshops on grand juries, conspiracy charges, FOIA requests and security culture.

2. Lucasville organizing- A group of people from around the state of Ohio are organizing a conference for the 20th Anniversary of the Lucasville Uprising next April. Red Bird Prison Abolition is helping with that project. See our calendar for those meeting details.

3. Postcard Project- We're working together with Red Bird Books to Prisoners to contact prisoners within the general population in the Ohio prison system and work with them to address problems in the prison system here in Ohio.

4. Art Shows- We have put on two art shows now for prisoners who want to share their art with the outside world. We feel that giving prisoners a voice is an important part of ending the prison system. 

5. JPay- The ODRC is privatizing the administration of prisoner commissary accounts. This is a terrible new policy that has upset many prisoners we're in contact with, and shared thousands of prisoners' visitors personal information to an unreliable private company. We are circulating a petition opposed to the new policy.

6. Pen Pal project- Red Bird Prison Abolition keeps a pen pal list and encourages interested people to take on a prisoner pen pal. The strength of pen pal relationships cannot be overstated. If you are interested in taking a pen pal, please email us at redbirdprisonabolition at gmail dot com.