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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update from Soja (Cornelius Harris)

Cornelius Harris (Soja) is on hunger strike at Ohio State Penitentiary. Here is an article about a hunger strike he was involved in in June of 2012, and here is a more recent article about this current one. His health is in fast decline. Call Warden Bobby about this. Outside support is crucial.

"I wanted to update you on my situation here at OSP.

I have been on hunger strike since Feb 17th, 2013. My reasons for hunger striking are as follows:

  • The warden (Bobby) assured me that if I broke my last hunger strike that he would make sure that I be reimbursed for my property loss. He told me that he would send the Institution Inspector to interview me and do the paperwork to reimburse me. Bobby never kept his word.
  • I had a visit scheduled on the 17th of February, at 9:30am per policy, I am supposed to be escorted to the visitation area before 9:30am. I didn't make it to my visit until after 11:00am. My visitor was waiting for one hour before I was brought to my visit. While I was waiting to go on my visit, the prisoner at Rec told me the officers were in the officer station playing cards. This prisoner continued to inform them about my visit but they continued to play cards.
  • When I got back from my visit, I didn't have a brunch tray in my cell. On weekends, we are not given breakfast but brunch, so I haven't had anything to eat all day. When I informed the officers of my tray, they told me I was on a hunger strike. This was a lie. I broke my hunger strike several days prior. I told the Lt (?) (Hugh?) and he told me he don't know what to tell me but to wait for dinner. This along with the situation with my visit and property prompted me to go on hunger strike rather than flip out and make my situation worse.
  • After missing 21 meals, the warden authorized for me to be placed in Segregation. They say that they put hunger strikers in Seg (The Hole) so they can monitor their food intake; but the real purpose is to punish them. In Seg., each prisoner gets 3 meals per day so if a hunger striker wants to eat they have full access to a food supply. I have been in The Hole (getting punished for hunger striking) for 17 days as of today (Mar/4/2013) The Segregation unit don't have any electricity so I can't watch my TV. It's loud all day and night from guys arguing, kicking doors, and cursing at C.O.s (correctional officers). Every other day someone floods their cell so I”m constantly cleaning up toilet water, urine, and excrement.
  • February 26, 2013, after C.O. Kish passed out trays he turned to look at my cell and asked me if I wanted his “hot dog” referring to his penis). He then grabbed his penis and shook off at me. Supervisor Lt. Hughs was in the pod and when I asked him did he hear what C.O. Kish said, Lt. Hughs said “What, when he asked you if you wanted his hot dog?” I asked him if someone questioned him about that would he tell what happened he said, “of course”.
  • February 27th, 2013, C.O. Kish, C.O. Austin and Hudakle came to pull me out to be assessed by Medical, I felt they had foul plans so I refused. C.O. Kish stated “What are you scared that I'm going to fuck you up?” He then stated, “Oh, you scared to come out because you know I”m going to go in your cell and fuck your shit up.” C.O. Austin stated “you better never come out while I'm working because, you will get your shit fucked up.”
  • March 1, 2013 C.O. Austin did recreation and refused me recreation and shower. Warden Bobby and Deputy Warden Remmick did rounds shortly after this and I notified them of the harassment that was taking place. They did nothing about it.
  • Two days prior February 27th, This same C.O. took my recreation.
  • March 3, 2013, C.O. Kish saw me getting ready for my visit and stated to me “you will be on your visit all day, you better hide your contraband because I'm coming in there when you go on your visit.” I complained to the warden about this days prior and he did nothing about it. When I got back from my visit, all my legal material was mixed up and all my property was scattered on the floor.
  • March 3rd, I was placed inside a visiting booth that was out of order; the light inside the visiting booth was completely out. I notified the officer running visitation, who notified the shift supervisor and I was not moving to proper cell. I demanded to see a supervisor because my visitor was having a hard time seeing me due to the bright reflection that occurs when one side of a window has light and the other side is dark. When Lt. Turpack came down, he clearly saw that the light in my visiting booth was completely out, he still refused to move me. The rest of my visit was uncomfortable.
  • March 4th, 2013, Today. C.O Kish came to my cell door and told me that he would kill me if he ever gets the opportunity. He told me that just like he made good on his threat to shake my cell down when I go on my visit he would make good on hurting me. I sent an informal complaint in on all of the aforementioned issues I addressed in this note.

I've been writing all day, my mind and wrist is exhausted. Please give my thanks to all of those who supported me and my situation on the blogs and other communication lines. I will be releasing some powerful information real soon, please be patient with me.