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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Soja Ends Second Hunger Strike After 32 Days

Picture taken before first hunger strike.
Tuesday March 19th, YOUNGSTOWN- Cornelius "Soja" Harris ends hunger strike after 32 days. In mid February Soja suspended a 38 day hunger strike, then went back on a few days later when the Warden failed to make good on a promise to return property destroyed by prison guards in retaliation during his first hunger strike.

Soja comes off this strike with the following concessions to his demands:

1. Soja was transferred out of the hole, back to general population.
2. All restrictions originating from petty and retaliatory write-ups have been removed.
3. Soja will be re-imbursed $25.
4. Soja will be allowed to spend $100 on hygiene products and will be allowed to order a clothing box. (Purchases that are normally restricted).
5. Soja's security level will be reduced back to 5A if there are no incidents for 30 days.

Soja wants his supporters to know that he appreciates all that they have done, and that it is important to continue the struggle against the prison system: "there are a whole lot of people who are ready to snap in this place. Prison authorities put guys in messed up situations, where it is nearly impossible to hold on to your self-respect and principles."

Picture taken near end of first hunger strike.
Soja coming off this hunger strike is surely not an end to his ordeals at OSP. During the transfer out of segregation, OSP staff violated policy to go through Soja's packed-up property to remove and send some new clothing to the laundry, where clothes are often damaged.


  1. Whats the deal with this guy?

    1. He has been targeted for harassment, death threats and violence by guards at OSP. He has defended himself, and thus the violence against him has escalated.

      Currently, as far as we know, he is off hunger strike and we're continuing to monitor his situation and hope we can prevent the guards from further escalating their attacks on him.

    2. This inmate has fooled everyone into believing his lies. People need to find out the true story to him before believing his story. Just remember hes not in prison for basically life for being an outstanding citizen. Hes lucky to have the privileges he already has.

  2. I doubt it.

    So does the jury:

    Regardless of what he's in for or how long, torture in supermax solitary, harassment and death threats make no sense.


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