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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Preliminary Reports of a Riot at Mansfield Correctional. Sean Swain in the Hole.


We have received preliminary reports that on Wednesday, September 19th, a riot occurred at Mansfield Correctional Institution where Sean Swain is being held.  According to the prison, fire hoses were used against those involved in the uprising. As of now, we have no details as to what conditions instigated the riot or what Sean is being charged with.

Sean is being held in segregation in the medical wing of the prison. According to prison administrators, he is being held there because the normal segregation cells are all full as a result of the riot. But we also know that the administration likes to use the suicide cells in the medical wing for disciplinary purposes (as have done with Sean in the past).
The prison claims that Sean is unhurt and that he is not in the infirmary for medical reasons. We have little reason to believe anything they say, but we hope that this is true.

We are asking everyone to put pressure on the prison administrators. The goal is to draw attention to Sean’s situation, to demonstrate that he has support and that their attacks against him will not go unnoticed.
In calling the prison, our tactic is to ask, as many times as possible, to as many different people as possible, Where is Sean Swain? Why is he being held in solitary confinement in the infirmary? When will he be released?
If they do not pick up, leave voice mails asking these questions.

Mansfield Correctional Institution
(419) 525-4455

Greg Morrow- Caseworker
ext. -4310

Maryland Christopher
Health Care Administrator
ext. -2100

Tom King- Unit Manager
ext. -4300

Terry Tibbals- Warden
ext. -2005

Scott Basquin- Assistant Warden
ext. -2004

You can also call Central Office at 614-752-1164
or the ODRC Legal Affairs Office directly at 614-728-1920

Also, please take a moment to write to Sean. He likely does not have access to reading materials and certainly has no access to the warmth of his comrades. Even a short note saying that you are thinking of him would have a huge effect. A photograph of something pretty or an article you enjoyed, an embossed envelope and a few sheets of writing paper would be even better.

Sean Swain #243-205
P.O. Box 788
Mansfield, OH 44901

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