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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sean Swain: Request to be Removed From Security Threat Group List.

Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner held in Mansfield OH. He is a prolific writer and organizer. He's also got a pretty wicked sense of humor and approaches his organizing and defense with theatrical aplomb. He ran for governor of Ohio from prison in 2010 on the platform of dissolving the state government if elected. Then he disputed the election results when they said he lost.

I recently got to know Sean when his support crew was looking for places for him to land on the possibility that he'd be paroled to Ohio. Our collective house considered him for temporary membership until he was free to leave the state. Before we could exchange more than two letters on the subject, the parole board flopped him without a hearing or explanation. The lawyer his support crew raised funds to hire was outraged and is pursuing his case further, currently working pro bono. You can write letters of support and thanks to this lawyer through the contact page on her website:

It appears Sean is on a Security Threat Group list, and here is his hilarious letter to the prison investigator, with copies to Gary Mohr, director of what Sean likes to refer to as "Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption". Enjoy.

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