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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sean Swain: Not Fit for Human Consumption

Sean Swain is an anarchist prisoner held in Mansfield OH. He is a prolific writer and organizer. He's also got a pretty wicked sense of humor and approaches his organizing and defense with theatrical aplomb. He ran for governor of Ohio from prison in 2010 on the platform of dissolving the state government if elected. Then he disputed the election results when they said he lost.
These are a series of articles about the food policies at ManCI. The first is written by Sean Swain, the others are by someone who prefers to remain anonymous to protect themself from being added to the Security Threat Group list

I have to write another paragraph here to make the layout of the scanned pages fit properly at a read-able size. 

So, if you wanna just skip down to the part where the digital text stops and the analog text on scanned pages begins, that's fine. Cuz I'm not going to say anything interesting. This is just space filler. Seriously. You can stop reading and skip to the good stuff, below. I promise, Sean is a better writer than me and you should really be reading his thing, it's in the choppy jailhouse typewriter font. Cuz it was written on a jailhouse typewriter. Looks authentic, doesn't it. we at RedBird care about aesthetics. We also care about not spending all our time transcribing things to editable text. But apparently, we're willing to spend some time writing filler sentences, rather than re-laying out the website such that the scanned pages fit properly in the layout. Priorities, compromises, trade offs. The stuff of life. Okay, now for Sean... Read it. Minimize the "posts archive" drop down if needed. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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