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Monday, February 11, 2013



[UPDATE: Soja has ended his hungerstrike on the evening of Feb 11th We do not yet know the terms. More information will be forthcoming.]
Soja (also called Cornelius Harris) is an Ohio State Pen prisoner who's now been on Hunger Strike for 36 days.
He is wagering his health and life for two basic demands.
Please voice your concern today and encourage the warden to meet Soja's two basic demands:

  1. A reliable security step-down procedure. (It's how prisoners have the opportunity to show good behavior. Warden Bobby granted this to other inmates last year.)
  2. An end to harassment and violence from guards. (Basic Safety)
It only takes a few minutes to give the prison a call, give it a try at:
Phone: 330-743-0700 ext 2006
An assistant will answer first, ask to speak with the Warden, David Bobby.

"Hello, I'm calling about an inmate named Cornelius Harris NUMBER 525-945. It's my understanding that he's been on hunger strike for 36 days now. I'm concerned for his health and want to urge you to meet his demands. I would also like to request that, given the increasing pain and risk of organ failure Mr. Harris is facing, that he be transferred to Corrections Medical Center (CMC) BUT NOT force fed.
I would also like to request that a number of items (30 items) that have gone missing from his cell be promptly returned.
Thank you for taking my call and I trust that you understand your responsibility to meet his requests as it says something when an inmate under you supervision is willing to wager their life for their greater well-being. Thank you again for taking my call and I will be keeping tabs on the outcome of this strike."

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