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Sunday, November 13, 2011

FCI Elkton Food Strike Update #4

Three updates about last May's Food Strike at FCI Elkton.

1. Our FOIA request appeal has been accepted! The Freedom of Information people will be forcing the prison to hand over reports and information about the food strike and protests at FCI Elkton last spring.
We'll see what that uncovers. It's frustrating how long these processes take, but we do what we can to tell stories of prisoner resistance in Ohio.

2. We've got more information about the prisoners involved in the strike. Turns out the hispanic population was especially targeted after the strike, and one of the alleged organizers has been transferred to another institution. We're trying to contact this guy and tell his story, but diesel therapy may slow us down.

3. We got this article about it published in Street Speech. Check it out, there's new information in there. Also, buy copies of Street Speech from vendors on the street. It's a good thing.

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