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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pelican Bay Solidarity

On July 1st hundreds of inmates in SHU in California started an indefinite hungerstrike. The mainstream media is (of course) not making a peep about this, but you can read about it and follow events here.

You can also take action by signing this petition or calling these politicians. Please do.

We couldn't help but take this opportunity to point out the irony of our nationwide celebration of america's independence from an authority far weaker than the authority the US currently holds us under and exercises  around the world. So, we made up some flyers and handed them out first at Red White and Boom and then at the Doo Dah Parade. Of course, handing out flyers isn't going to tear down any prison walls, but we got some new ideas about prison and the fact of the hunger strike's existence into hundreds of people's hands.
Also, we knew we wouldn't get anyone to take a flyer from us if we presented our genuine feelings of outrage and despair over the prison system, so we put on some sun dresses, smiles and celebratory affects, which actually made this thing enjoyable. Here's what the flyers look like. 

July 9th is an international day of solidarity, if you'd like to help us organize an action or something on or around that day, contact us at We like spontaneous creative actions.

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