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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner Theatre Solidarity Fundraiser

[read the reportback from this event here.]

June 11th is a new holiday! It's the international day of solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners.

RedBird Prison Abolition is planning an event to celebrate this holiday in Columbus. Please join us at 64 King Ave, on Sat June 11th for the following activities.

6PM- Discussion Circle, come talk about and take action on making ourselves and our community less dependent on the police and prison system. Continue and join the conversations we had after the last performance of Ad Seg.

8PM- Dinner Theatre: Dario Fo’s “Accidental Death of an Anarchist
We will serve a fine dinner of delictible reclaimed foodstuffs, elegantly prepared, and perform for your entertainment a staged reading of Nobel Prize winning Italian playwright Dario Fo’s hilarious play about police repression of anarchists. It’s based on a true story! Pay what you can. Bring a dish to share if you’d like. Bring your own spiritous beverages if you wish to imbibe.

Afterward, there will be music. Never fear, the event will be over in plenty of time for everyone to head over to Third Hand, take off all your clothes, and break the law together.

We’ll be raising funds for and writing group letters to anarchists facing long sentences for resisting the prison system, Amelia Nichols and Jerome White-Bey (more info below). We'll also provide much information and support opportunities for EricMarie, and many others. Also, Insurgent Theatre will match the first $300 raised.

Jerome White-Bey is an anarchist prisoner serving 50 years in Missouri. He founded a prisoner's labor union to resist slave labor in prison. The prison authorities have been denying him medical care and frequently putting him in solitary to punish him for these activities.

Amelia Nichols is facing up to 90 years in prison for trumped up charges related to an anti-police terror march in Denver on May 6th. Protesters took to the streets to confront the police about many high profile cases of police terror in Denver. Someone threw a firecracker at a squad car. The police grabbed Amelia, misrepresented the firecracker as an "improvised explosive" or molotov cocktail in the news media and are charging her with attempted murder among other things.


  1. update on Amelia Nichol's case:

  2. Good news update on Amelia's case!

  3. Yet more good news, Amelia is free. She's out on a loan, which our funds raised will help repay!

  4. would someone contact me asap regarding an initiative in columbus ohio in 2012 to ban the felony question from employment applications. I have a flier I'd like to distribute so if you can contact me I'd appreciate it. chryztof knecht or



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