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Monday, February 14, 2011

Redbird Prison Abolition...

We have decided to change our name. Columbus Anarchist Black Cross is now Redbird Prison Abolition. There are various associations with "ABC" that weren't really serving us very well. We've decided our name should reflect the biggest vision and broadest goal of our activities: abolition.

We decided to follow our friends at Redbird Books to Prisoners lead and name the group after the state bird. Members of Redbird Prison Abolition help pack books regularly, but the two organizations do remain distinct. Books to prisoners remains committed to a limited and specific goal, simply sending books and educational materials in to prisoners. We hope the similarity of names or association between these groups will not discourage any book donors or volunteers who disagree with prison abolition from participating in book packing. Redbird Books to Prisoners has done a lot of harm reduction and is greatly appreciated by many inmates.

Members of Redbird Prison Abolition believe in cooperation and recognize the many different avenues and allegiances that can all help put pressure on the prison system, but we also believe in transparency. We will continue the traditional ABC work of supporting "political prisoners" and POWs. We will happily work with people seeking to end the death penalty, or to combat racism or improve conditions within prison. We're excited to work on copwatches, community accountability and alternatives to the prison and "criminal justice" system.

For us, the goals and values of all these movements will not be fully realized until the entire prison system has been abolished (bringing the proto-fascist / corporate capitalist police-state down with it). If you disagree, we're happy to hear from you, and work with you on whatever more specific but related cause you're pursuing.

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