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Monday, December 20, 2010

Third Solidarity Showcase Done!

We ended up raising $250 for the Mount Hope Infinity! More than I ever expected.

Thank you, thank you to those who donated.

With Insurgent Theatre now matching funds, that makes the total amount $500!

Holy fuck, $500!

The night opened with a presentation about the notoriously anti-queer mega-church, Mount Hope, and what action was taken by Bash Back folks.
There was also some loud, kick-ass, totally passionate anti-rich-ass poetry, a shadow puppet show with accordion playin', a presentation on the anarchist cliche "you can't blow up a social relation," and we closed out the night with a gives-you-shivers violin piece.

This Solidarity Showcase being in a new location, at Kafe Kerouac, was a change of scenery and it worked out well. The next one will probably be in March with dates pending. See ya next time.

If you missed the event, or just wanna give them more money, here's where you donate online

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