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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is a list of some instances where the government has tried (often successfully) to gain convictions, disrupt organizations, and persecute people through the use of conspiracy charges and other dirty tricks.



We intend to update and expand the list of conspirators. We're mostly looking for current and recent cases, but would like to also include some important historical examples. If you'd like to suggest any cases, bring error or out of date info to our attention, or help with research or definitions for the glossary, please comment here, or contact us at

The list includes many non-anarchist targets, and will include more. We're interested in documenting and encouraging a more widespread understanding of how the police and FBI operate against any group they consider a threat. We're not saying the enemy of our enemy is necessarily our friend, but the enemy of our enemy is certainly an interesting and useful case study.

 Zine Version. Print it two sided, fold it, staple it, read it.

 Poster version. Print it one-sided, hang it on the wall, write updates in.

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