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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you ready for another night of sharing radical talents with friends while raising funds for people standing up to state repression? You know we are!

[NOTE: the RNC 8  have escaped trial and no longer need funds. The showcase will still happen, we'll still have tons of info about the RNC 8, but the money will go to the Toronto G20 defense instead (and we'll have info about them too)]

How does it work? We'll be making a list of performers at the door, so show up early to get your pick of  the performance slots. If you give Ben a call at 414 305 9832 or email and let me know what you're doing, or any special needs you might have, I'd appreciate it. Awarehouse is a stone's throw north and east of 3rd Hand Bike Cooperative. Easiest way to get there is going to the american liquor store at 4th st and 5th ave, take the alley out of that lot north until you see signs and fabulous people.

Donate! This is a fundraiser, so we're asking anyone who has money to throw some in, whether you're performing or not. We'll be pitching in our share too. The RNC 8 needs and deserves support. The state is straight up attacking them with no grounds (the fact that lots of the charges were dropped proves this). More info about them (or to just donate online if you can't make it to the event) is available here:

Time limits we're asking performers to prepare 5-10 minutes of stuff. The loose and general theme is "Freedom of Association". If you want to create a longer skit or puppet show, call me at the number above and we'll work it out. Basically, I love radical theatre and will make special exceptions for it.  If lots of acts sign up we'll need to be fairly strict with these time limits and will give signals for performers who're going long to cut it short. Worst case scenario, one of the MCs, Officer ACAB, will drag you kicking and screaming off the stage. Also, it should go without saying that sexist, racist or queerphobic bullshit will be booed off the stage. You've got a right to say whatever you want, but the audience also has the right to throw things at you if they want.

Acts So Far at this moment the following acts are planning to come. Who knows what all else might happen night of? Wanna play? Show up. Wanna get on this list? email ben- Thanks!

Andy Gallagher (of Trains Accross the Sea)- local folk
Birdi - local hip hop
Verbal Delegation- radical local hiphop
General Bruce- poetry and stories
Dyverse Music Group- local hip hop
Tyler Johnson- rockin guitar music
Susan Flatt- local spoken word
World History- folk on tour from Seattle, WA
Prophet of What- radical spoken word / hip hop from Gainesville, FL
Charles "Kuan" Williams- inspirational hiphop/rnb

Security Culture 101: an Interactive Sock Puppet Farce (us doing stuff with socks on our hands)

Dealing with cops role-plays (us doing stuff with socks on our feet)
Short videos and other information about the RNC

Don't worry, there are more coming...

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